Carra backs plan to repeal firearm permit requirement

State Rep. Steve Carra has helped introduce a plan to allow law-abiding residents to carry a firearm without a permit.

House Bills 4863-68 would repeal the requirement that a citizen who legally owns a firearm obtain a permit to carry it. The plan would authorize anyone not otherwise prohibited from carrying a firearm to carry anywhere that open or concealed-carry is allowed under current law.

The bills were referred to the Committee on Military, Veterans and Homeland Security for review.

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  1. I fear the “open carry” and “concealed” folks out there more than the criminals. Let’s face it. There are way too many far right dimwits out there who are more than happy to pull their gun over some imagined slight. Maybe some conversation about fewer guns?

  2. Elwin P. Bishop, III

    And how will anyone know who is legally carrying vs illegally carrying? And this idea that firearms should be anywhere and everywhere is stupid and dangerous. You can’t tell why any individual is armed at any given place based on looks or words until it is too late! It only invites errors, injuries and death. I find it ridiculous that professing evangelicals like Mr. Carra live in such fear or hubris that they choose guns …WWJD? Apparently pack a pistol if not an automatic weapon. Ammo for Jesus bullet cross t-shirts sir?

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