Gift cards offered to those who receive vaccine

The St. Joseph County United Way is offering $50 gift cards to people who receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The promotion will conclude Sept. 30th or until the inventory of gift cards has been exhausted.

United Way Executive Director Kelly Hostetler said the agency was the recipient of $58,000 to help local healthcare providers get more people vaccinated in St. Joseph County.

The plan is to put that money into the local economy by purchasing gift cards from area businesses.

Both the local health department and Covered Bridge Healthcare have mobile units and can make house calls.

There are no United Way donor dollars being used for this initiative.

In addition to the gift cards, anyone who receives a vaccine between Sunday through September 30 will be eligible to win a gaming system.

More information is available from Hostetler at 467-9099 or email:

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  1. Natalia Omogollian

    $58,000 on gift cards and a lottery for a gaming system? To get vaccines to the most people? $58,000 of taxpayer money for cheap bribes instead of wider distribution and easier access? God love Americans.

  2. For a $50 gift card all you have to is go online and sign away your pivacy to the state, but to Meijer, the Lansing law firm, and all their 3rd party assignees, including all your personal information, background, likeness, voice, vaccine medical informarion to use any way they want to using any and all existing and future technologies worldwide in perpetuity while they are held harmless no matter what might happen from this information being misused, including harrassment, data errors, hacking, identity theft, etc. While they can take away your prize for any reason including grumbling… Go to the website and read all the rules.

  3. So the gift cards are business specific? Not just Visa or other generic gift cards that can be used anywhere? Do people get to choose or are they just given a card to a business they cannot or would not use?

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