Carra seeks dismissal of UIA acting director

State Rep. Steve Carra is seeking dismissal of Liza Estlund Olson as acting director of the state’s Unemployment Insurance Agency.

Olson replaced former Director Steve Gray, who resigned in November 2020.

Carra said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s unilateral lockdown orders forced hard-working people to seek unemployment assistance, but they were met with an agency unprepared for the task at hand.

A spike in unemployment claims resulted after the pandemic and Whitmer’s executive orders forced many people out of work, he said. The increase exposed the failure of the UIA to provide adequate service, and many claimants contacted legislative offices for assistance when they could not get help directly from the agency, Carra noted.

Despite the overwhelmed system, Carra said the UIA did not reopen offices for in-person assistance until June of this year.

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  1. Mr. Carra blames the replacement department director for a system failure that no one could keep operating under such large numbers? A system that has been plagued with inadequacies throughout decades and under multiple administrations? Once again we see political posturing instead of an understanding of the delivery system and solutions to the inherent problems, let alone tangible correction to those same delivery systems under unprecedented service demands. Short sighted at best. Disengenuous at worst.

  2. Rep. Carra appears to be another of the “Big Lie” perpetrators. His allegiance to the Former Guy shows what he truly cares about and it’s not his constituents. It’s party over country. He is a disgrace to his office and to Three Rivers.

  3. Christine A Sylvester

    State Rep. Steve Carra is shutting the barn door after the horse is already out! There are only 12 Unemployment offices open. By appointment only. Good luck trying to get an appointment. This is a joke!! Not laughing – Where have you been??

    Let’s be a little more proactive Steve instead of reactive. Why aren’t all of the UIA offices open?? I have yet to hear back, but then there has been “No transparency in this administration”

    Lip service at it’s finest.

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