Carra introduces road maintenance bill

State Rep. Steve Carra has introduced legislation that he said will increase the quality and durability of Michigan roads.

A member of the House Transportation Committee, Carra introduced a plan to require long-term contracts for road construction and maintenance.

Carra said under his plan, contractors will have a vested interest in making and maintaining durable highways and roadways. Carra’s House Bill 5369 would require the Michigan Department of Transportation, whenever undertaking a new construction or full reconstruction of part of a highway, to award a contract for designing, building, operating, preserving and maintaining the road.

Each contract would continue for at least 10 years after completion of the initial construction project.

House Bill 5369 was referred to the Committee on Transportation for review.

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  1. How about instead of long term contracts (which NEVER work out in the state’s favor) you mandate use of materials that, although more expensive up front, will extend the life of roads considerably. If you keep using the cheapest methods you will get……..wait for it……..the cheapest roads. But let me guess. Some of Rep. Carra’s donors are in the road construction business. Hmmmmmm.

  2. Except these kinds of contracts are not new. It was common practice under the political boss system in the last century and before. It changed when there was such a hew and cry against the corruption of the political patronage system that independent and blind bid structures were adopted in an effort to curtail monopolies. But, yeh, Mr. Carra, let’s go backward once again.
    The problem would be improved by going after existing corruption, strengthening existing anti-corruption laws and making enforcement a priority instead of letting too many in the system skate. But that would mean real, systemic change.

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