TR Schools – Statement released regarding Pride flags

Three Rivers Community Schools officials have released a statement regarding Pride flags in classrooms.

Released Wednesday afternoon and posted on the district’s website, the message recapped the situation that led to middle school health teacher Russell Ball walking off the job Monday and ultimately resigning.

District officials said they were notified by what they call “an external party,” Nov. 18. According to the district, the person questioned information shared within the school day, which also included an inquiry of the Gay Straight Alliance after-school club and pride flags within Three Rivers Middle School classrooms.

The inquiry led to internal discussions with school officials as well as Thrun Law Firm, which was consulted concerning the two issues.

It was confirmed that the GSA Club is able to continue its activities as long as members follow board policy.

Regarding the Pride flags, school officials said the district continues to explore best ways to support all students and the continuation of the GSA Club already established at the middle school.

District officials plan to rely on the continued guidance of Thrun Law Firm, review current board policies, and reach out to other districts for best practices.

The message concludes with a reminder that the board of education will revisit the matter at its Dec. 6 meeting.

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  1. So who, pray tell, is this mysterious “external party”? Sorry TRCS but this reeks of an entitled parent that you don’t want to upset. There is absolutely nothing in their statement about why this was done. Just internal attorney speak for “we don’t want to tell you because we’d look like jerks”. For being the educators of our children they seem to have a real problem with a straight answer. Now you’ve moved on to be national news. Bad look. Get some backbone and quit knee jerking whenever someone complains. And again I think everyone with a child in the middle school deserve to know who did this.

  2. Amen, Mr. Ball!

  3. Politics belong in civics class.

    Keep your social/political agenda out of the public school.

  4. The only flags that should be hung in a public school are the US and State flags.

    A public classroom is not your personal bulletin board.

    Otherwise, prepare for all kinds of social, political, and religious banners.

    Not appropriate and not at all brave to fly the flag that every corporate media is behind. The courageous thing to do would be to treat all students with dignity by leaving one’s personal banners at home.

  5. Classrooms in public schools should be graced with the American flag (OLD GLORY) to which students stand and face each day as they say the Pledge Of Allegiance. The only other appropriate flag(s) that may be displayed would be the relative State flag and/or their official school flag. Allowing any other flag or pennant would set a precedent, and God only knows what a can of worms that can lead to…., LGBTQ, BLM, MAGA, GO BLUE, OS, UI, and on and on.
    I hope the School Board maintains common sense classroom decorum, a curriculum of general education, and politics and personal issues and affairs are kept outside the buildings.

  6. A Concerned Citizen

    Leaked materials from the California Teacher’s Association Conference (CTA) in Palm Springs have shown how teachers are attempting to subvert parents on their children’s inclusion in LGBTQ+ clubs, and tactics for tracking their internet use.

    Topics ranged from advising teachers on best practices for subverting parents, handling conservative communities, and discussions of school principals of gender identity and sexual orientation.

    Such clubs were promoted as answering questions on how to deal with “meddlesome parents” who might not want their child participating in such a club. One speaker noted that the clubs are “not official” so do not hold a roster of members or keep any records.

    Speakers at the conference were proud to share their tactics for tracking their student’s Google searches and other internet activity. Bakari described how she and fellow teachers, “make note of those kids and the things that they bring up with each other in chats or email or whatever.”

    Others described eavesdropping on hallway conversations to target sixth grades, who were then sent personal invites to LGBTQ gatherings and clubs. This information was then withheld from the participants parents.

    “We Totally Stalked Them’: Teachers Reveal Their Creepy Tactics to Recruit Kids to LGBTQ+ Clubs”

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