Carra approves two bills in state House

State Rep. Steve Carra recently approved two bills to provide greater transparency for key governmental processes.

Formed by a constitutional amendment in 2018, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is tasked with drawing new congressional and state legislative districts following the decennial census.

Carra said the Michigan Constitution states the commission shall conduct all of its business at open meetings. However, the commission recently decided to hold a closed session to review legal memoranda.

Carra said the redistricting commission was created to guarantee openness and transparency so the voters could observe the process but it neglected its core mission and violated its constitutional mandate.

Carra said the secretary of state needlessly delayed review of signatures for the Unlock Michigan petition. The citizens’ initiative to repeal an unconstitutional emergency powers law was filed in October 2020, but the secretary of state did not complete review for six months.

House bill 5252 now proceeds to the Senate for consideration. Meanwhile, state bill 728 is on its way to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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  1. Just wondering if these are related to Secure MI Vote so called “ballot initiative”. The petition seeks to roll back provisions from Michigan Proposal 3, Voting Policies in State Constitution Initiative which passed in 2018 with over 2.7 million votes. The petitioners are seeking approximately 300,000 signatures to force this on the ballot. But wait, they have no intention of letting this get to the ballot. They intend to use an arcane law that would let the legislature enact the “iniative” to override the votes of over 2 million people. Not very transparent. And in a weird twist the people circulating petitions for requiring more ID from voters doesn’t ask the people signing for ID. Sound like a set up? Of course it is. Beware who you elect.

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