House bill would drop college-credit requirement for substitutes

State Rep. Steve Carra last week introduced a plan to make it easier for schools to hire substitute teachers by removing the college-credit requirement for substitutes.

Carra said the legislation would help public schools facing a shortage of substitute teachers.

Even before COVID-19, schools were struggling to bring in enough substitute teachers, Carra said, noting his plan will eliminate a burden that prevents capable substitutes from filling in, instead allowing local schools to draw from a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Currently, most substitute teachers at public school districts or intermediate school districts must have an associate degree or have completed at least 60 college credit hours.

Carra’s House Bill 5635 would instead require only a high school diploma or equivalency certificate.

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  1. They’re called babysitters. Great. Why not just change the law so kids can be sent home instead?

  2. A concerned citizen

    Home-school, or pressure your representatives for vouchers to follow your child to private school, magnet schools, etc.

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