Carra voted in every House vote of 2021

State Rep. Steve Carra announced Thursday he voted in every House of Representatives floor vote in 2021.

In the Legislature, Carra is the House majority vice-chair of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, a key panel tasked with reviewing administrative regulations. He also serves on the House committees on Agriculture, Financial Services and Transportation.

Carra said he regularly met in 2021 with constituents at public office-hour events in both Cass and St. Joseph counties. Carra said office hours are an important way to be accessible in the community so he can hear from local residents and better represent them.

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  1. It surprises me that, in looking at Rep. Carra’s votes in the House, the great bulk of his “NO” votes (in this heavily Republican legislature) were on bills that won by very large margins. This means that the majority in his party voted the opposite of his vote. I don’t pretend to understand but I have to believe that his devotion to Donald Trump comes into play here.

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