County commission to meet once per month

A major change to the 2022 meeting schedule for St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners was approved Tuesday.

During their first meeting of the year, commissioners decided to hold their meetings to just once a month. The five-member commission had previously met twice monthly.

The new schedule will go into effect in February, when the board starts a once-a-month meeting schedule the third Tuesday of the month.

The start time will remain 5 p.m.

Also, the commission set its executive committee meetings to 8 a.m. the second Tuesday of the month.

Commissioners said they can always exercise the option of calling a special meeting if circumstances warrant. Nonetheless, commissioner Ken Malone cast the lone dissenting vote in opposition to the changes.

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One comment

  1. First, the meeting times are unattendable for most working or family people.
    Practice has proven decisions will be made de facto at the business meeting where there is no right of public comment, then rubber stamped at the single monthly meeting.
    Officials love when they game the system.

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