Carra sponsored bills head to Senate

State Rep. Steve Carra and the Michigan House of Representatives approved a plan to prevent experimentation on the remains of aborted children.

House Bills 5558 and 5559, which Carra co-sponsored, would prevent any research on an organ, tissue or cell taken from an aborted embryo, fetus or neonate, to the extent allowed under the state constitution.

An intentional violation would be a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. The legislation would also require a physician to arrange for disposition of an aborted child’s remains, eliminating the option for the mother to donate the remains for research.

House Bills 5558 and 5559 now proceed to the Senate for consideration.

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  1. Dear State Rep. Carra: You sure seem to want control of a woman’s body. If the mother of an aborted fetus wishes to donate it for scientific research you need to stay out of her uterus. You scream loud and long about freedom but talk is cheap. You only want freedom if you have control of it. Does your wife share this position? Oh yeah – you’re not married.

    I urge people to read his positions at Most of his positions revolve around things that aren’t real but will be click bait for the far right.

    Example: Judicial Philosophy
    I support the use of Sharia law as a basis for legislation and judicial decisions in the United States.

    Strongly Disagree

    Who has ever advocated this. No one. I can see why Trump endorsed you.

  2. Also troubling that Rep. Carra has blocked everyone from seeing his followers on Twitter. So much for transparency.

  3. The mother’s body is not being destroyed and sold for parts. It’s the male or female body inside her that is.

    Freedom to live is the cornerstone of all other freedoms. Dehumanizing the youngest and most vulnerable as inconvenient, thereby not worth saving, is evil.

    Further troubling: Craig R Ball, who doesn’t even live in this district anymore, is commenting on what our local rep is doing.

  4. Publius – you don’t seem to comprehend the issue. This is not a pro or anti abortion issue. I advocate for neither – just the right of the woman to make an informed decision. Rep. Carra is sponsoring a bill to limit what the woman can do with the fetus AFTER AN ABORTION. That’s not freedom. It’s authoritarianism. And why would it be troubling to you that someone outside “your district” would have an opinion? Any representative that will kiss the ring of TFG has no business in government. Also I have no problem letting people know who I am. Do you Publius?

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