Progress continues on Constantine’s new sewer treatment plant

An update was provided Monday regarding the progress of Constantine’s new sewer treatment plant.

The matter stems from the village council’s decision to refurbish an earlier wastewater facility, which shut down in 1997 and effluent has since continued to be piped to Three Rivers Wastewater Treatment.

The village is using USDA/Rural Development financing to re-activate the plant.

USDA announced in 2020 it would invest $268 million in 76 projects through a loan and grant program. Constantine received a 40-year loan for just over $13.3 million.

Joe Benjamin, of Fleis & Vanden-Brink Engineering, said treated wastewater from the plant will be pumped into the St. Joseph River and solids will be taken to landfills twice a year, a standard procedure at treatment plants.

Completion of the facility is expected by April 2024.

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  1. Constantine did this before hooking up with Three Rivers and had multiple health and safety violations that were downplayed or ignored by all levels of government. It will happen again.

  2. It will be interesting to see if this solution a) lowers the cost to Constantine residents (I’m betting not) and b) will there be a bunch of previously unknown issues that will cost even more money (I’m guessing yes). Good luck.

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