Constantine schools consider options

In the wake of a second consecutive millage-request defeat, Constantine Public Schools Superintendent Jim Wisely said he and district officials are attempting to figure out a logical next step.

The district’s May 2 request for an additional two-tenths of a mill, which would have generated $38.8 million for various improvements, was defeated, 754 opposed to 442 in favor.

Wisely said the district’s needs include fixing leaking roofs, addressing aging buildings and adding air conditioning. He said the district’s list is comprised of needs, not wants.

He noted that district officials met the day after last week’s millage request. At the moment, various options are being discussed. He said the district will work to prioritize projects and make what could amount to be some difficult financial decisions.

Wisely said cuts could result in funding shortages to programs that could impact teachers and students.

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  1. A major reason for defeat beyond people’s lack of money, is the poor decisions made prioritizing and spending the last big building millage. After a portion of that millage was rejected by voters only to have the board override that vote, simply renaming it. The high school is not a practical or easily maintained building. Eastside Elementary changes were equally impractical and foolish. Riverside and the Middle school improvements were throw aways. Students, teachers and staff are paying everyday for these bad decisions based on egos choosing appearance over substance.
    If the board and administrators are still unable to understand this, perhaps they should choose a different vocation than education.

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