A new dairy-processing facility in Constantine

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation delivered some good news for the village of Constantine Tuesday.

They announced that Michigan Strategic Fund approved a new dairy-processing facility that will reduce the carbon footprint of dairy byproduct and bring new jobs and infrastructure to the community.

A total capital investment of $41.1 million is expected.

MMPA and Dairy Distillery plan to build a milk permeate ethanol plant at the MMPA Constantine dairy facility. The plant will use Constantine’s milk permeate to produce 2.2 million gallons of low-carbon ethanol. When blended with transportation fuel, the permeate ethanol will offset 14,000 metric tons of carbon emissions, lowering the carbon footprint of the milk processed at Constantine by 5 percent.

The project is expected to create 12 well-paying jobs. Michigan was chosen for the project over a competing site in Indiana.

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  1. $41 million for 12 jobs?
    To create more noise, air and water pollution? In a residential/park area?
    In a village that cannot take care of its current infrastructure?
    Where the only officials actually living in the village are council members who believe they work for the manager, not the officials for them?
    Soon the only people able to live in this village are the deaf and stoned.

  2. Where the heck is there room for another facility at their current location? They already took over a whole neighborhood and ruined the homes they weren’t forced to buy out. The unending noise, trucks, and stench is horrible. This town used to be a nice place to live. Looks more like a dump every day.

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