Campaign would bring dog park to downtown

Downtown Three Rivers is expected to transform an unused portion of Memory Isle Park into a community dog park, according to city officials.

Municipal leaders said a group of volunteers is working to make downtown Three Rivers a welcome place for dogs and dog owners.

The park is made possible due to the success of a crowdfunding campaign through the Michigan-based crowdfunding platform, Patronicity. Funding from the campaign is expected to create a centrally located dog park. It will be designed to serve as a place where dogs can exercise or play while pet owners are able to be nearby.

The dog park would activate an underused section of the park between the skate park and the railroad tracks into a larger, fenced-in space. It would include a high-quality fence around the perimeter of the dog park, a double gate entrance/exit, dog waste stations, seating, and signage.

If the campaign reaches the goal of $10,000 by July 17, the project will win a matching grant.

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  1. What does while owners are nearby mean?
    It only takes moments for uncontrolled unfamiliar dogs to have problems with each other. There’s a reason there’s the phrase Alpha Dog. Toss in humans trying to intervene when they’re only in the area and not in control is how people and dogs can be injured.

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