Constantine – Civil War cannon may be moved

Constantine municipal officials are looking into moving its Civil War cannon at South Washington Street Park to the township cemetery.

Village resident and local historian Rebecca Shank last month asked the council if it would consider relocating the cannon to a place of honor. A cemetery, she said, would be more appropriate than a community park.

Shank said the cannon is subject to abuse, disrespect and is surrounded by playground equipment. The cannon has been repainted a number of times due to vandalism.

The cemetery features an American flag, veterans’ crosses and is home to a Memorial Day ceremony annually.

The cannon dates to the 1860s and was placed in the park location in 1897, Shank said.

Village council members are taking the request under advisement.

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  1. One DAR person who never had a problem with the cannon being in the park for all the decades she was growing up near it, now wants it moved to honor it? To a cemetery where it can more easily be vandalized?
    Kids have climbed it, sat on it, played on it. I say good for them. Teach them everything you can about the Civil War. Then rejoice that they are beating their swords into plowshares. If only they learn to not lift up sword against nation, nor learn war any more.

  2. Please keep the cannon in the park, where I always remember it! Thank you. Jim

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