Three Rivers considers expanding marijuana ordinance

Three Rivers city commissioners are considering expanding the city’s marijuana ordinance to include cannabis lounges.

WOOD-TV 8 said if the proposal passes, the new ordinance will also allow lounges in the central business district, which includes downtown. The petitioner behind the ordinance, Daly Broekema, is the owner of the dispensary Daly Dope. Broekema said she is unable to expand her business due to the wording of the current ordinance.

City commission members recently passed the proposal’s first reading, putting Broekema one step closer to converting the third story of a decades-old building on Portage Avenue into a combined space.

One section of the 1,500 square feet retail space would be a social lounge open during business hours, where food and nonalcoholic drinks would be allowed. Broekema believes it would provide a social setting to those wanting to smoke safely without the need for alcohol.

The public hearing for the proposal’s second reading is scheduled for Tuesday.

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  1. I can’t think of a place society needs LESS. Bars are bad enough, but at least you can breathalize test those drivers.

    Why is this necessary? There are plenty of dispensaries.

    Why invite compromised driving, esp as they can’t reliably test for levels of intoxication?

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