Congressman Walberg toured tornado-damaged areas

Fifth District Congressman Tim Walberg toured tornado-damaged areas of Branch and St. Joseph counties Friday morning, promising to provide whatever help the state needs to get families back on their feet.

Walberg spent a good share of his time in the area looking over damage in Branch County’s Sherwood Township.

Walberg said he and others in Congress approved disaster aid for all the storms hitting the nation this spring.

National Weather Service officials said two twisters left destruction along nearly 20 miles, with 950 yards at their widest, in Sherwood Township.

The highest winds were 130 mph.

Meanwhile, Branch County Emergency Manager Tim Miner reported nine homes were destroyed; four homes sustained major damage; 24 homes received minor damage; and 19 homes experienced superficial damage in Brach County alone.

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  1. Paul E Wohlfarth

    Well Walberg toured the climate change disaster. Going to get more money from our $34 trillion debt laden treasury. The Congressman claims God will fix climate change. Well maybe Tim should get his God to write a check!

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