Carra proposes self-defense lockboxes in schools

State Rep. Steve Carra announced he is drafting legislation to allow schools to maintain lockboxes for teachers to secure personal weapons in case of an attack.

Carra said his plan would allow faculty and staff – for the purpose of protecting students and others from imminent and malicious harm – to store lawfully owned firearms or tasers in a secure lockbox at school.

Carra’s proposal would allow self-defense lockboxes at K-12 schools, colleges and other educational institutions, both public and private.

Additional details will be announced when the legislation is introduced.

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  1. Ditch the CRT propaganda for CPL training.

  2. What kind of idiot proposes having ANYONE keep their guns in school? Oh yeah, A 2nd amendment fanatic backed by Donald Trump. You elected this joker. Why? Every day I get up thinking it can’t get any worse and then people like this wannabe open their mouths. Way to pick ’em.

  3. Craig Ball: Instead of responding emotionally, you might actually look at the facts – as I have spent hours upon hours doing. When a school or other mass shooting happens, people continue to be shot until someone – anyone – with a firearm opposes the shooter. At that point in well over 90% of the cases I looked at (dozens) the shooter either surrenders or commits suicide. The killing ends. Yes, there are a few cases where the shooter fights back, or when unarmed bystanders take down the shooter – but in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the arrival of a second armed person that ends the killing.

    As for the risks involved in allowing guns at school, this has been done for years in many locations, under various programs -with zero issues. Utah has, for over a decade, allowed any teacher with a CCW license to carry a firearm at school. They do not even have to notify the administration that they are doing so. Even with these extreme rules there have been no issues and no school shootings – and an armed teacher recently stopped a kidnapping.

    There is no issue that proves how much gun control advocates act strictly on emotion as this one. It is certainly possible for someone to be in favor of various gun control measures and still see the value in protecting students with resource officers and selected and trained school staff. Sadly, few do so.

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